**EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY** travel basketball

Hello Coaches and Team Managers!  We have received several reports this regarding inappropriate parent/fan behavior and language in the stands.  Part of Zootown’s mission statement is to provide a positive, healthy environment for our young athletes.

In efforts to do so, effective immediately, our Zootown officials have my authority to clear the stands when they deem necessary to do so.  If your fans cannot control their behavior the official will simply state we are clearing the stands.  

What does clearing the stands mean?

You as coaches will be responsible for clearing your fans out and the game will continue with players and coaches only.  It does not matter which teams fans were out of line, everyone goes. Period. I highly encourage you to remind your parents and fans of this rule prior to the tournament so the expectations are clearly set.  This is your responsibility to communicate and enforce.

If you cannot clear the stands within 5 minutes to resume the game, the game will be cancelled.  Any further inappropriate behavior after this point will result in your team being ejected from the remainder of the tournament.

Zootown 406 reserves the right to eject a fan, player or coach at any time.

We hold our officials, our players and our coaches responsible for their language, sportsmanship and behavior during a game, it is only fair to the young kids participating in our program that we hold parents and fans equally responsible for their language, sportsmanship and behavior.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Tournament Rules and Code of Conduct!

ANY PLAYER, FAN, COACH that receive a technical MUST remove themselves from the remainder of the event!  Zootown 406 Basketball strives to ensure a positive, healthy, environment and must adhere to technical rule in order to maintain the integrity of the organization.


2nd/3rd/4th: 27.5

5th through 8th: 28.5

2nd/3rd/4th: 27.5

5th/6th: 28.5

7th/8th: 29.5

Bring your own balls- teams will agree on what ball to use.

**7th/8th Grade teams MUST have a VOLUNTEER taking stats at the clock table.**  One from Each team.  

See rules attached, all other MHSA rules apply.

Please see Location Information tab for gym address and locations.


Zootown 406 Tournament Rules (pdf)


Sportsmanship Policies

zootown 406 travel basketball tournament rules

Positive Environment for the kids!

Like all good sports programs Zootown 406 Basketball has a zero tolerance for bad sportsmanship and we all need to work together to make this happen!  We have high expectations therefore any Coach, Parent or Player that received a technical for unsportsman like behavior must immediately leave the facility and may not return the remainder of the event in order to preserve the integrity of the organization.  Thank you for understanding and supporting our mission! 

**No Cursing** Let's be respectful of the little ones around us please. 

Respect the Officials!

All of our officials are qualified professionals, they are in charge of the game and have final say.  Have your players thank the officials at the end of the game!

Respect the Facilities!

Let's keep the gyms and schools clean, keep kids in designated areas only.   Make sure they are safe at all times. Thank you to our local schools for allowing us to host such events for our youth!

Be Kind & Generous towards the Score Board and Event Staff!

Please do not approach the scoreboard at any time.  The event staff enjoys interacting and seeing the kids have a fun day of basketball!  They've got it covered!

Coaching is for Coaches!

Your coaches work hard and look forward to putting all that hard work in motion come game time!  They will direct the players and look forward to hearing the parents cheering the team on!

The Day is for the Kids!

Let's make it a fun honest day of basketball and enjoy our kids, being kids, playing ball!


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