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Zootown Basketball Club hosts a series of tournaments for teams all across the region!

Bring your 2nd - 8th grade teams to Missoula for a fun day of basketball!

Bracketed teams are ranked for the entire season throughout the series.

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Zootown Youth Basketball Club in Missoula  hosts tournaments for basketball boys and girls teams of all abilities. New/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced! For teams all across Montana and Western Region of Washington and Idaho in Missoula and surrounding areas!

Co-Ed Teams Welcome! Co-ed teams will play in the boys division.  

Score is kept during games and teams are matched up by playing level indicated on the registration form.  


School teams, Private Team, Other Clubs and Non Profits ALL WELCOME! 

Entry fees also go to support scholarships for kids in the community to play basketball.  ZYBC is also currently working with Watsons Children center to host a series of baskteball clinics for the shelter in the spring and summer.  All money goes back to the community! See the about us page to find out more

ZYBC is it's own organization not affiliated with any other league or group.  


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Payment Options

Payments can be mailed or paid online through PayPal.  See Tournament page for Payment Details and About Us Page for Player Registration.  

Zootown is a Non Profit IRS 501(c)3 organization #82-2658825.  Program coordinators and coaches  of ZYBC are all volunteer.

Registration fees go towards the cost of hosting the tournaments.  To support scholarships and community benefit.  

About Our Tournament Teams

Zootown Classic is for school teams, private teams and other non profit clubs. Teams of all playing abilities are welcome!  We just want kids, to be kids, playing ball!

By providing tournaments where all types of teams are welcome we can provide a greater variety of teams that you would not normally compete against.   

Zootown strives to provide a quality tournament in a healthy positive environment.

We are always looking for ways to make the day a better experience please contact us any time with feedback!

Tournament Structure 3 Game

Teams have the option to select a 3 game guarantee which is held on Saturdays only or 2 day Sat/Sun 4 game minimum -see schedule for details!

Your team will be matched to other teams at the same playing level as indicated on the registration form.  

In the event that similar teams are not available for play your team will be matched to the best of our ability!

We Enforce Sportsmanship

These are competitive games - we just respectfully request that all players, coaches and parents keep it a positive sportsmanlike event.  

Complaints of unsportsmanlike behavior may be filed 24 hours after the tournament has been concluded.  A team may not be able to participate in ZYBC tournaments for the remainder of the season after several legitimate complaints in order to retain the integrity of the organization.

ANY player, fan or coach that receives a technical for bad sportsmanship MUST remove themselves from the tournament and my not return for the remainder of the event.

It's for the Kids!

Zootown Youth Basketball Club's focus is the kids!  We believe competive play can be a positive event for a player and team. It builds character, discipline  and respect if it is part of the culture and allows for kids to improve their skills over the course of the year.

ZYBC has a zero tolerance policy for bad sportsmanship.  Any player, coach or parent that receives a technical for unsportman like behavior must leave the facilities and may not return for the remainder of the tournament.

We want our kids to love basketball and keep coming back for more!  We want our players to win and lose with integrity.

There are no losers if everyone walks away having had a fun honest day of basketball!

Respect the Officials!

Zootown carefully selects qualified officials and requests that officials are treated with respect at all times.  If you have a disagreement please take a minute to visit with the official.  If it is not resolved you may file a complaint after 24 hours.  

If there is an issue of player or potential player injury - stop the game and contact the Program Coordinator immediately at 214-7876 for resolution. 

All complaints will be carefully reviewed and taken into consideration to determine if further action is needed. 

Please remember that the officials are an intregal part of a successfull organization!

Help A Child!

Your support and contributions will enable us to provide player scholarships for all kids to participate.  Please consider donating $5 to help a player!

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Missoula, Montana, United States

(406) 214-7876


Tournaments held on Weekends!